17 Ways How President Museveni is set to Open Schools for S.5, S.3, and P.6 for Semi Candidate classes in Uganda

Semi candidate classes of Senior Five, Senior Three and Primary Six are yet to start school, president Museveni in his live televised speech says… today on 4th Feb 2021

  1. When schools were closed. The president noted that schools were closed on the 18th April 2020 and the action was effected on 20th April 2020.
  2. The action of school closure sent over 15 million students home because of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID 19) which started in Wuhan China.
  3. No learner has died since the closure of schools although some people doubted.
  1. The Government has decided to open schools for semi candidates classes of Senior Five, Senior Three, and Primary Six (S.5, S.3, and P.6).
  2. This is the next batch of students to students to begin school since closure in April last year.
  3. since the primary Seven candidates are about to finish doing their final exams in March and the S.4s in April, these will create room for other students to begin classes again.
  1. The semi candidates are to report for school on 1st March 2021.
  2. That the opening of schools in this format is a calculated risk that saved many lives and has seen over 1.6 million candidates do their final exams
  3. Senior ones and Two’s will continue their studies with long-distance education.
Marys’ Kitende
  1. People interfered with the program of Radios very every homestead, the president promised to deal with them.
  2. A detailed plan will be announced later as classes will resume one by one as they do their exams.
  3. Once the candidate classes go away, other classes most likely the semi candidates will come in.
  1. In a bid to develop the Covid 19 vaccine from developing countries. The Uganda government will start vaccination with imported vaccines.
  2. Uganda is to start Covid 19 vaccination in March 2021, starting with;
    1. Health workers
    2. Teachers
    3. Security Personel
    4. and Elders or Older Persons
  1. The overall academic year will end in July 2021, so that semi candidates learners have enough time to…
  2. Universities in Uganda are yet to start in a staggered manner in March 2021.
  3. The President appeals to everybody to be patient as the government will import vaccines from AstraZeneca and another Chinese pharmaceutical company.

Refer to the president’s speech for any errors in this article. (Disclaimer)