About Us

The Innovation

Examuganda is a website (http://www.examuganda.com) that contains Examination questions for all levels of the Ugandan education system i.e. Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, and University Examinations. When a student attempts the questions she/he gets the answers immediately or thereafter. The questions are of various types which include but not limited to Single Choice, matrix, free choice, sorting choice, short answers, and fill in the blanks, assessment, and essay type.

In addition to the above, ExamUganda is a showcase of sexual reproductive health and rights per examination paper. Note: Before a student attempts an examination paper she/he first views a message about Sexual Reproductive health and rights. Now that the Corona Virus Disease is raging, ExamUganda displays advice/messages about COVID 19.  Like staying at Homestay safe, washing your hands with soap regularly, and keeping your distance from others (Social distance).

Examuganda.com was conceptualized in 2010 and established in 2013. The ideology beyond the creation of ExamUganda is to advance sexual reproductive health and rights towards Ugandan students through the use of digital examinations

Sought to Solve

Assessment of students’ work has always been a challenge, a burden, and a time-consuming exercise among education institutions in Uganda and sub-Saharan Africa.

More so, Youth involvement in risky behavior has always barred many students from completing school in Africa. Issues of school dropout, teenage sex, early Marriages, First sex have reached unprecedented levels and these are very common among rural school girls.

The above two challenges coupled together have tremendously impacted the education of Uganda and these are what Examuganda is sought to solve. 

On the issue of ASSESSMENT, Examuganda.com apart from uploading its own examinations encourages teachers and schools to upload examinations of their own.  This saves the schools the cost of using papers for print. the school is required to upload the examination questions once, and thereafter the schools will have to reuse all the time. (Once a student attempts a question he /she will receive his /her marks instantly). 

On the issue of Youth Risky Behavior, ExamUganda.com acts as a counseling platform to all students in schools by displaying related SRHR messages. Smoking, school dropout, age at first Sex, Teenage pregnancy, HIV and other sexual Reproductive health and Rights Issues, and now the Novel corona Virus disease. By displaying such related messages per examination, we believe students will take note and learn from it.  ExamUganda is determined to assess while advising students to avoid bad practices. 

Target Market 

The prospects and the real value of ExamUganda.com are the students from various schools all over Uganda. The schools and other educational institutions are also probable clients who can subscribe and use the platform.

Students; use the platform to practice question papers at all levels. Whenever an exam is attempted the student gets his /her answers immediately. This prompts the student to redo the same paper over a number of times he/she desires. 

Schools; these subscribe to examuganda and publish examination papers online. Students from that particular school will be able to attempt exams digitally which will reduce the cost of paper print and marking. Note: Teachers; willingly submit papers to test the knowledge of their students. 

Therefore, Examuganda is marketed to students, teachers, and schools all over Uganda.

Potential to Success

Since 2012, the conception of ExamUganda has always used a very unique approach. Each examination paper has always been attached to a message of sexual reproductive health and rights exclusively.

Today in desperate, challenging, and disruptive times of the coronavirus disease, Examuganda has become more important than never before. We have so far witnessed a skyrocket of the website user since March of 2020. 

In 2020, onwards, ExamUganda, more inclusive than ever, will always carry alert, self-help, and prevention messages of infectious diseases like COVID 19. To note; 2019-2020 has presented issues of COVID 19, that have disrupted the way of life. Being a Novel coronaVirus, with a lot of undiscovered important information. Examuganda displays alerts and Health-related messages vis-à-vis Exams.

How unique is ExamUganda? The time we started in 2013 there was completely no online education platform in Uganda. The only available systems, where paper print and on the top of the hierarchy were JJEB and WAKISHA examinations Boards.  We have so far witnessed online education systems like Yaaka Digital and OutBrain but these use different approaches. The uniqueness of ExamUganda is that it carries a message of Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights. Now that we have included messages of Infectious Diseases it looks like we fore so the future before any of our competitors.

Business model

Examuganda.com has always been novel in the online education sector of Uganda. The platform is designed to give answers immediately after a student attempts a question. Currently, we are in the process of crafting ExamUganda to function like a social place where students meet and see each other’s work done. 

With the onset of COVID 19, the users and subscribers of ExamUganda have skyrocketed. We saw a surge in the demand for our exams and economically the willingness of parents to pay for their students to use the platform. 

In the essence of Examuganda becoming a social media platform, students will have to retain their membership accounts but also be able to meet, discuss, and share courses and examinations online. This is fantastic since students will even be able to suggest as a group what form of questions students would like to have on a platform.

We as ExamUganda are destined to span across nations by being student-led which our competitors will never come to see or even think about. While our competitors are teacher-centered we shine as a student-centered online system of education. Herein we encourage students to submit a question or two for the survival of the platform.  

The distribution of the examinations is through the use of computers, tablets, laptops, and smartphones where students can easily access the platform. However, in Rural schools the ExamUganda Platform will provide Examination Computer Terminals where students can attempt their exams.

Julius sseninde; B.A. Education, Founder, and CEO of ExamUganda. A computer programmer Statistician, population, and Reproductive health Specialist / Epidemiologist and a Teacher. Julius has a B.A. Education, Master’s of Science in Population and Reproductive Health.

Nakimuli Marrion: Director school Liaison 

Meddie Kaweesi: Online marketing

Senoga Hebert: Graphics, and Video producer