Kinders Lessons are Fun and Easy

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No more kindergarten school until COVID-19 crisis is over. Do this for your child.

Now Ugandan parents must be asking what are we gonna do? remember you can not go back home and ask your toddler if he read books. that’s absolutely impossible.

7 studies that show advatanges of going to Pre-School

1. An Evaluation of Social Adaptation Skills of Children with and without Preschool Education Background Based on Their Mothers’ Views by Gunindi, Yunus.

The study revealed that there was a significant difference in social skill behaviours between the two groups

2. Preschool Matters by Edward C. Melhuish

Scholars have long debated the benefits of preschool, or prekindergarten, education. The results demonstrate consistent and enduring benefits for children who began preschool at age 3 or 4 compared with children who began kindergarten when older.

In particular, by age 28, the former preschool students had higher educational levels, incomes, socioeconomic status than the kindergarten students.