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Kampala, Uganda |Exam Ug | All indications are that a dead year will not be declared, schools will reopen soon, and national exams usually set by the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) in November and December, will likely go ahead, in March 2021.

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Exam Ug has come to know, that It has finally been resolved by the Government to have schools reopened on September 20. However, this will start with candidate classes and finalists in universities.

Sources in the education ministry yesterday told Sunday Vision that the ministry had at last agreed with the COVID-19 National Task Force to have schools reopened and that this decision if there are no major changes, will soon be officially announced.

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni on Sunday Sept 20 said schools, tertiary colleges and universities will reopen for candidate classes and finalist students amid the recent spike of COVID-19 cases.

According to a letter recently written by the Minister of Education Janet Kataha Museveni to Finance Minister Matia Kasaija seeking the release of capitation grants to schools, the focus will be on candidate classes to resume, for what would be a second term, on September 20, this year.

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In a televised address, Museveni said schools, colleges and universities will reopen for the 1.2 million students in candidate classes and finalists in tertiary colleges and universities on Oct. 15.

“We think that it is safe because finalists in each learning institution are a much smaller number compared to the total enrollment,” said Museveni.

UNEB however insists they will announce their readiness to conduct the national examinations when there is official communication from the Ministry of Education and Sports, which has not yet been sent.

“UNEB is proceeding with its preparations to conduct the national examinations at an appropriate time, and in accordance with a revised school calendar which will be published by the Ministry of Education and Sports when schools re-open,” said the board’s secretary Dan Odongo in a statement.

“The Government has finally agreed to have schools re-opened in a phased manner. After we have ascertained that schools can put in place the set Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), the Government will okay the opening of the remaining classes,” a source said.

Other SOPs include; regular disinfection, restricted community access, supervising break periods, and scattered release of students for breaks, lunch, and departures to limit interaction.

But, sources also indicate that there are several reviews regarding the SOPs which will also be communicated after the awaited pronouncement.

“Schools can open and children can study safely if we are all vigilant. Teachers, if you are coming to teach, avoid vehicles that are crowded. Alternatively, some teachers can sleep at school in empty classes to keep safe, we are in a war,” Mr Museveni said while addressing teachers at State House Entebbe during celebrations to mark the World Teachers Day. allafrica

Even amid the COVID-19 Resurgence,  the governments around the world have started to slowly reopen schools as health experts say it’s vital for children to resume education. In most countries like the United Kingdom, there are operating on minimal procedures limited to physical distancing, wearing face masks, and sanitizing. However, some teachers’ unions have voiced concerns about the safety of staff and children as infection rates continue to rise. the Independent

“Holidays should be shortened to allow for more coverage and no extra fees should be charged when semester one resumes. There will be no formal or end of graduation period one while schools will only have a hollow exam which will be done by the end of semester two, “the Education Minister explained.

Exam Ug agrees that “Coronavirus spreads through sneezing, coughing or contact with contaminated surfaces. To avoid the disease, wash your hands with soap regularly, do not spit in public, avoid crowds and stay home if you have the flu.

Schools in urban centres, where many learners need to use public means, are advised as follows: The school administration shall register all learners and their modes of transport to and from school; Learners who walk to school or are transported by private means to schools may continue to do so; however, they may not use public transport on any occasion, even when they cannot walk or be privately transported to and from school by their parents/guardians. PMLDaily

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