UNEB candidate fees: Primary Seven = sh34,000, Senior Four = sh164,000, and Senior six = sh186,000

Exam Ug has learnt that, according to UNEB, pupils in Primary Seven will pay sh34,000, those in Senior Four will pay sh164,000 and students in Senior six will pay sh186,000.

Final Exams: Expect No Late Registrahttps://uneb.ac.ug/tion, Warns Uneb

UNEB calls on schools NOT to inflate Examination Fees

The Executive Secretary, Mr. Dan Odongo has called on schools not to  inflate examination fees, adding that the UNEB fees have not been increased at all.  Mr. Odongo was addressing the media this morning at the Media Centre in Kampala.

He stressed that if any additional charges must be added by the school for administrative purposes, the school should clearly explain to the parents, and such dues  MUST NOT, in any way, be referred to as ‘UNEB fees/ Registration.  The Executive Secretary equally called upon parents to be vigilant and not allow to be exploited under the guise of ‘UNEB fees’.

The approved UNEB/ Registration Fees Structure is as follows;

  1. PLE- Thirty four thousand shillings ( 34,000/=)
  2. UCE – One hundred and sixty four thousand shillings (164,000/=)
  3. UACE- One hundred and eighty six thousand shillings (186,000/=)

In a statement released and signed by the UNEB executive secretary, it is indicated that the registration will be through the Electronic registration process.

2020 Ugandan Schools Calendar briefing of students

Exam Uganda has come to know that, the Schools Calendar for briefing of students is as;

  1. Primary Seven – Briefing = March 26 and sit examinations on March 30 and March 31, 2021.
  2. Senior Four candidates – Briefing = February 26 and sit examinations on March 1, 2021, to April 6, 2021.
  3. Senior Six candidates – Briefing = April 9 and sit examinations on April 12 to May 3, 2021.

2020 Ugandan Schools Calendar for sitting of UNEB Exams

  1. P.L.E. – sit examinations on March 30 and March 31, 2021.
  2. U.C.E. – sit examinations on March 1, 2021, to April 6, 2021.
  3. U.A.C.E – sit examinations on April 12 to May 3, 2021.

UNEB Online Registration of 2020 Candidates – PLE, UCE, UACE

This process involves use of electronic methods to carry out registration of candidates and these include;

  • Windows-based desktop application
  • On-line registration
  • Bulk registration through the web-portal.


  For proper utilization of the e-Registration programme, a School/Center should have the following:Sponsored

  • Digital photographs of candidates
  • Computer with Windows Operating System
  • Internet connection: In the absence of an internet connection at the Center, the data can be exported to an Excel workbook, then go to an area with internet facilities.
  • A trained person to do e-Registration.

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